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Physical Sciences Division

Beam Schedule 137 - Preparing for your Experiment:

Dear TRIUMF Users and Experimenters,

As announced last week, Beam Schedule 137 is now active and available to view on the Science App (

If your experiment was scheduled, please note the following information as you prepare for your experiment:

-TRIUMF House fills up quickly. Please visit or send an email to to secure accommodation.

-Experimenters are responsible for submitting Safety Reports in a timely manner. To allow adequate time for review, safety reports MUST be submitted to at least two (2) weeks in advance of the scheduled beam time in order to guarantee that beam time. µSR experimenters must also include a Sample Handling Form with their safety report (
***Please note that Facility Coordinators and/or Safety Reviewers may request that Safety Reports be submitted earlier.***

As a courtesy, reminders to submit safety reports are typically sent out from a month in advance of scheduled beam time. However, changes in the schedule or human error may result in reminders not being sent out. To ensure that your experiment runs, please note the final due date to submit your safety report (no later than two weeks before your scheduled beam time, as above). TRIUMF reserves the right to withhold beam time if safety reports are missing or incomplete.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Allayne McGowan
Administrative Assistant – Physical Sciences Division
t 604-222-7438
Posted by Allayne McGowan

Schedule 137 Now Available:

Dear TRIUMF Experimenters and Staff,

Schedule 137 (October 8 – December 21, 2019) has been promoted to active status. It can be found online at Individual bNMR experiments will show up on the schedule next week.

Best wishes,

Chris Ruiz - Beam Scheduler


Allayne McGowan
Administrative Assistant – Physical Sciences Division
t 604-222-7438
See (opens in a new window).
Posted by Allayne McGowan

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