Site Telephone Services

On-Line Directories

Long-Distance Calling and Charges

Long-distance calling from non-DID locals (6xxx), or from shared phones (including meeting rooms and area phones) requires a long-distance account code.

Service Requests and Problem Reporting

All telephone service requests and problem reports must be submitted by creating a ticket in the Telephone Service Request queue on TRIUMF's HelpDesk system. If you are unable to create the ticket yourself, please contact Reception to do this on your behalf.

When you report a problem, be sure to include the following information:

Emergency Phones and Outside Lines

When the TRIUMF telephone switch is shut down for maintenance or due to a system failure, 8 local telephones around the site automatically switch over to direct outside lines. These phones can be identified easily, since they are bright red. These locals will ring when there are incoming calls, and can also be used to call out (without the "9" prefix).

In addition, other direct outside lines are unaffected by telephone switch outages, and can be used for calling in or out.

A map showing the location of each emergency or direct line is available in JPEG format ( Large or Small) or GIF format ( Large or Small).

Emergency Phones Direct Outside-Line Phones
Map ID Location Local
Phone #
1 Receptionist 6517 604-222-1047
2 Main Lobby Table 6263 604-222-2670
3 Main Control Room 7315 604-222-2671
4 Control Room (F. Bach) 6278 604-222-2672
5 ISAC Accel. Control Rm 117 7510 604-222-2673
6 ISAC Ion Src Control Rm 03 6734 604-222-2674
7 Trailer Hh Fax 7309 604-222-2675
8 Machine Shop Office 7463 604-222-2676
Map ID Location Phone #
9 Office Bldg Rm 14 604-222-3791
10 Office Bldg Rm 25A 604-224-7195
11 Main Control Room 604-224-4463
13 Office Bldg Pay Phone 604-224-9579
14 Chem Annex Rm 216 604-221-0436
15 Office Bldg Rm 22
Fax Lines
604-222-1074 (outgoing)
604-221-0423 (incoming)
(A complete list of outside lines is available internally)

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