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Experimental Nuclear Physics (GRIFFIN)

Located in Vancouver on the south campus of the University of British Columbia, TRIUMF is Canada's national research facility for particle and nuclear physics. We currently have an immediate opening for a Post-Doctoral Fellow (PDF) to join our Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Group. This group is involved in a number of programs investigating a variety of nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics, and fundamental symmetries topics at TRIUMF's Isotope Separator and Accelerator (ISAC) ISOL radioactive beam facility.

The GRIFFIN spectrometer is now beginning scientific operation with early-implementation experiments and will be completed by April 2015. GRIFFIN represents a significant upgrade to the decay spectroscopy capability with stopped radioactive beams at ISAC-I. GRIFFIN consists of an array of 16 large-volume HPGe clover detectors and a state-of-the-art custom-designed digital data acquisition system designed to enable the research programs in both nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics and fundamental symmetries that require a through-put of 300MB/s and the accountability to make precision measurements with an uncertainty less than 0.05%. The majority of the installation work is now complete and the first experiments will be performed in late 2014.

The GRIFFIN spectrometer is complemented by a powerful suite of ancillary detector systems already developed for use with the 8pi. These include plastic-scintillators for beta coincidences, LN2-cooled Si(Li) detectors for conversion electron measurements and an array of eight LaBr3 scintillators for fast-timing measurements. In addition, GRIFFIN will couple to the DESCANT array of neutron-detectors for beta-delayed neutron emission studies with exotic neutron-rich beams.

The successful applicant will have an opportunity during his/her postdoc term to: support all aspects of the installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the GRIFFIN spectrometer at ISAC-I; support the development of the GRIFFIN data acquisition system; and maintain the fleet of GRIFFIN HPGe Clover detectors and the GRIFFIN ancillary detector systems.

Specific responsibilities will include:

  • the setup, optimization, operation and maintenance of the spectrometer and digital data acquisition system
  • dissemination of results as articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and through presentations at national and/or international conferences
  • direct participation in research with the devices that the group operates at ISAC, including GRIFFIN and TIGRESS
  • an opportunity to directly supervise undergraduate and/or graduate students
The position requires extensive knowledge of nuclear science, radiation measurement, and the operation of radiation detectors. Experience in performing gamma-ray spectroscopy or beta-decay experiments is an asset. Ideal candidates will have, or will expect to receive before the end of October 2014, a PhD in experimental nuclear physics.

TRIUMF is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in the workplace, and we welcome applications from all qualified candidates. Your complete application package should be submitted by email to and will include the following in one complete PDF file:

Applications will be accepted until 2014-08-29

TRIUMF Human Resources, 2014-07-22

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