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The following opportunity is being offered for a 2 year term of employment.

Located on the south campus of the University of British Columbia, TRIUMF, Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics, is one of the leading accelerator centers worldwide exploring the structure of matter with a variety of accelerated particle beams. The 500 MeV cyclotron provides the primary proton beams that are used for the majority of TRIUMF's research programs, which consists of molecular and materials science, nuclear medicine, and nuclear physics and astrophysics within our ISAC facility. ISAC is a rare isotope beam (RIB) production and acceleration facility with the highest power driver beam in the world, producing some of the most intense RIBs of certain species. TRIUMF is currently expanding to construct the Advanced Rare IsotopE Laboratory (ARIEL) which will expand TRIUMF's (and Canada's) capabilities to produce and study isotopes for physics and medicine. ARIEL will include a new high power electron linear accelerator as a driver for the production of rare isotopes via photo fission, and a second target for an additional proton beam line.

We are currently accepting applications for a physicist who will work within the TRIUMF "Resonance Ionization Laser Ion Source (TRILIS)" group. This group's mission is to provide high intensity, novel Radioactive Ion Beams (RIB) for the ISAC and future ARIEL experimental program. Laser and mass spectroscopy, ion beam, ion-source and laser development are performed in parallel to radioactive ion beam delivery. The TRIUMF RILIS is based on a state of the art TiSa laser systems. Development is done in collaboration with Mainz University, JYFL, HRIBF-ORNL, GISELE-GANIL and ISOLDE-CERN.

The successful applicant will have an opportunity to perform ion source and mass spectrometry related R&D using the Laser Ion Source Test Stand/Off-line laser facility. The key focus areas are:

  • rare isotope beam delivery for the ISAC experimental program with TRILIS, yield measurements & target-ion source developments on-line
  • ion guide laser ion source developments on- and off-line
  • laser spectroscopy and laser resonance ionization mass spectroscopy towards the development of new laser resonant ionization schemes
  • evaluate spectroscopy results, document and publish results
Knowledge of laser spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and ion optics as well as working knowledge of atomic and nuclear physics is required. Specific knowledge in the areas of Titanium:Sapphire laser based resonance ionization spectroscopy, laser ion sources and SolidWorks CAD software will be considered an asset. Applicants must have good oral and written communication skills, basic computer and electronics skills, and an understanding of mechanical design principles. Demonstrated initiative, self-motivation and attention to detail are required, as is the ability to work effectively with individuals from diverse and varying backgrounds and education levels. Qualified candidates will have a PhD in experimental atomic/molecular/optical or laser physics. Some international travel may be required. Shift work and work in radiation environments is periodically required based on operational requirements of a rare isotope beam facility. The successful applicants will be trained and designated as a TRIUMF Nuclear Energy Worker.

This term position provides an excellent opportunity for an early career scientist to develop a broad set of hands on skills in isotope sciences and contribute directly to the experimental efforts of an established group of researchers. While the position is targeted at the postdoctoral level, applications from more senior researchers will be given full consideration as well. In the case of equal qualifications from senior candidates, preference will be given to the Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents.

TRIUMF is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in the workplace, and we welcome applications from all qualified candidates. Your complete application package should be submitted by email to and will include the following in one complete PDF file:

Applications will be accepted until 2014-01-17

TRIUMF Human Resources, 2013-12-03

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