Competition # 381

Simulation Scientist (UCN)

Located in Vancouver, BC, TRIUMF is Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics. We are currently accepting applications for a Simulation Scientist who will join our Ultra-Cold Neutron Group for a 2 year term. The groups research is focused on experimental studies of fundamental symmetries including a search for the neutron's electric dipole moment (EDM) using a new source of ultracold neutrons (UCN). The Simulation Scientist will be expected to create and utilize computational models for the design of the radiation shielding and cold neutron moderator of the UCN spallation target.

The scope of responsibilities for this position will allow you to:

  • create simulation models for the biological radiation shield surrounding the spallation target of the future high-density UCN source at TRIUMF
  • utilize these models to optimize the design of the shield to minimize cost and required floor space, while satisfying all regulatory requirements and providing adequate access to equipment for service.
  • create simulation models for the cold neutron moderator above the target
  • utilize these models to maximize the 1 meV neutron flux in the He-II UCN source.
  • make regular reports to the UCN group, and document the models and resulting designs
  • provide as needed, technical oversight or guidance to students or postdocs who may be using similar simulation tools

As the successful applicant, you will be expert in the use of the FLUKA software simulation application, ideally be familiar with additional simulation tools such as MCNPX and nuclear data processing systems such as NJOY, and you will have the ability to process neutron scattering data in the ENDF format. As an effective team player, you must also possess a good command of verbal and written English in order to communicate effectively and to write clear, organized and comprehensive descriptions of the work performed. Minimum qualification for education and experience include a PhD in nuclear or particle physics, with at least 5 years post-graduate experience working with a variety of Monte Carlo simulations for the interaction of high-energy particles with materials.

The position is for a 2 year term, includes benefits and vacation, and ideally will start as soon as possible. While the position is open to all qualified candidates, in the case where there are equal qualifications, preference may be given to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

TRIUMF is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in the workplace, and we welcome applications from all qualified candidates. Your complete application package should be submitted by email to and will include the following in one complete PDF file:

Applications will be accepted until 2013-05-31

TRIUMF Human Resources, 2013-05-08

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